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[syncope-users] Syncope 0.5.2 released

Francesco Chicchiriccò
Hello everybody!

A new maintenance release of Syncope Crescendo, 0.5.2, is available.

In this release:

     1. Propagation fails if AccountId used to build AccountLink is
considered as attribute to propagate #122
     2. Update propagation fails if NAME to be updated has the same
value as remote object's #123
     3. Exception when paginating user list with Oracle #110
     4. Deleting a connector instance from the console does not work #119
     5. Use JNDI Datasource (when available) in ContentLoader? #124
     6. Search user by associated resource #112
     7. SchemaMapping for user propagation allows RSchema and MSchema to
be selected #114


The Syncope Team

Francesco Chicchiriccò

"Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy
is about telescopes." (E. W. Dijkstra)